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Shop This Tumblr: SOJORNER

Sojourner Tumblr // Shop This Tumblr // IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory

Joel Ng has one of the most popular interior design Tumblrs on the web. I actually had no idea how popular Sojourner was until I saw the Twitter account attached to it. Joel has curated some of the best modern interiors since 2011 and once you visit, you’ll be adding it to your must-read list.

Sojourner Tumblr // Shop This Tumblr // IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory

Here are some great handmade finds inspired by Sojorner. Which item is your favorite? Let us know in…

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Shops We Love: Handmade Stationery from Michoucas Design

Michoucas Design // Handmade Stationery // IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory

This post is all about the WOW. Every time I explore Carole Birou’s Michoucas Designshop, I find another reason to absolutely adore her fantastic designs. Carole’s entire stationery collection is printed in France with solvant free ink on recycled paper. As you can see, her collection has a decidedly retro feel, with hints of both the 1020’s and the 1950’s, Somehow, Carole has taken the design…

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Fresh Modern Prints from NOMO Designs

NOMO Design // Modern Print Art // IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory
Finding original poster art is becoming more and more of a challenge. With the proliferation of Pinterest and other resources, there seems to be a lot of emulating happening these days. With that in mind, I try to find artists that are really doing something different and unique. Fortunately, Jerome Daksiewicz is one of those artists.

Jerome is an architect and designer who serves as the Creative…

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A Kickstarter We Love: Eleisha Nylund’S Chocolate Brownie Leather

This is definitely a Kickstarter that I can get behind. I’m glad to introduce you to Chocolate Leather. Eleisha Nylund is making some fantastic leather goods over there in Melbourne, Australia and a laser cutter will help her to produce her handmade goods faster and with more customization. Listen to her pitch below and then let’s explore her handmade collection together.

Eleisha’s collection of…

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Handmade Profiles: Stephen and Tiffani of Intrepid Bags

Finding handmade projects to promote and support on Kickstarter is actually a lot harder than it might look. There are so many projects and I find myself getting lost over there. Thankfully, a few artists have reached out to me to ask for some LAB support and, if it’s a good fit, I’m happy to share with my readers.

Last year Stephen and Tiffani dropped me a note about a feature on the LAB during…

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Handmade Profiles: Chris Boland and his Stunning Jewelry Collection

Are you following Chris Boland on Instagram? I am, and after seeing a few of his recent posts, I just had to invite him to join us on the LAB. Chris makes bold and solid handmade jewelry, the kind that deserve the title of ‘statement jewelry’. His rings are especially gorgeous. Chris says that he’s been fascinated with materials for as long as he can remember, especially rocks and metals. Chris…

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AUGUST 2014 SHOP SHARE: Promote an item from your handmade shop for free!

Share with LAB readers something from your fabulous handmade shop. Whether it’s on Etsy, Big Cartel, Shopify, Supadupa, Indiemade, Storenvy, Supermarket, Society6, Zibbet, your own hosted shop or any other platform, you’re welcome to jump in.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Post a link in the comments to one specific item in your shop that you would like to promote.
  2. Provide, if you have one, at least one…

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The Heart of An Artist: My Fun and Crazy Journey to this Blog Life

They Call Me Bretttorrium

My journey into blogging started way back in 2009. I was in between jobs, like a lot of folks back then during the housing market crash, and I needed something to pour my creative energy into. Honestly, I had no idea what I wanted to blog about, I just knew that I wanted to do it. That’s kind of how my intuitive mind works; I know there’s that ‘thing’ that I’m looking…

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Get Inspired: August 25-29, 2014

And we’re back to Monday! How in the world did we get here so fast? I hope your week is full of mass creativity. I’ve got some great freebies and more for your in this week’s Get Inspired collection. You’ve got to check out the chocolate and I dare you not to download those free icons! You’ll see, they are the coolest ever. Let me know what you do with them.

Got any questions or suggestions for…

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Handmade Profiles: The Illuminated World of Gabriella Levy’s immerLit

Gabriella Levy's immerLit // Handmade Porcelain Lights and Votives // IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory
Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said that “True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.” If that’s the case, then Boston-based Gabriella Levy is one happy artist. Speaking with Gabriella and exploring her enchanting collection of porcelain lights and votives, as found in her immerLitshop, makes me realize what a privilege it is to discover and share new…

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