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Handmade Profiles: Matthew Swaidan of Simple Wood Goods

Simple Wood Goods is not only the name of Matthew Swaidan’s Cincinnati-based home goods company, it describes what Matthew makes. Well, almost: he probably should add ‘Cool and Functional’ to the name as well. Each of the items in the Simple Wood Goods shop has a familiarity to it but the more you look, the more you can see the unique touches of creative brilliance that Matthew brings to his work.

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Kickstarters We Love: Airport Runway Print Collection by NOMO Design

Kickstarters We Love - NOMO Design: Airport Series / IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory

Jerome Daksiewicz, founder of NOMO Design, has another Kickstarter campaign in motion and this is definitely one you don’t want to miss. Based on previous LAB posts and the crazy social media shares they produced, Jerome’s Airport Runway Print Collection is a big hit with LAB readers. Now you have the opportunity to help NOMO Design produce this stunning box set.

As with all Kickstarter…

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Handmade Profiles: Eric Siow of EatSleepPlay

Eric Siow of eatsleeplay / Handmade Profiles / IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory

One of my favorite Big Cartel shops is eatsleeplay, Eric Siow’s pristine collection of exceptionally made leather goods. I’ve been stalking Eric’s work since the beginning of my blogging career and I’m super stoked that we’ve been able to connect for an interview.

The eatsleeplay shop showcases Eric’s incredible attention to detail and his unique ability to blend modern and classic styling. I…

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Handmade Profiles: Hazal Kızıltoprak of El Quinto

Hazal Kiziltoprak of El Quinto / Handmade Profiles / IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory

Are you ready for some newness? I would suggest adding Hazal Kızıltoprak and her El Quinto shop to your list of must-see destinations for modern, handmade jewelry. From her workshop in Istanbul, Hazal has created a collection of handmade baubles that blends clean design with meticulous technique.

Take a look at her entire collection after you enjoy her Handmade Profile. (She has the best answer…

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Handmade Profiles: Lauren Hoehn of Lapis Beach

Handmade Profiles - Lapis Beach Jewelry / IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory
Whenever I see Lauren Hoehn’s work, as found in her Lapis Beach shop, I find myself stopping everything else I’m doing and becoming completely transfixed by her designs. I think it’s the combination of both her colors and the amazingly intricate wirework that draws me in. Her bracelets always remind me of having a little solar system on your wrist, full of colorful planets and stars.


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LAB Picks: Autumn 2014 – Baubles

It’s that time again: warm weather gives way to the cool and a handmade lover’s heart naturally turns to fresh finds from makers of all kinds. The autumn, I’m seeing an emerging trend toward handmade jewelry that features natural materials and metals used in unique ways. But don’t you worry color lovers, there are plenty of stunning baubles that showcase flashes of brilliant hues.

Enjoy these…

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The LAB Road Trip 2014 + Free Desktop Wallpaper + GIVEAWAY!

Aloha, LAB readers! We’re packing up the LAB (in the smallest suitcase possible. Maybe I can pack light enough for Europe!) and getting ready to hit the skies for another LAB Road Trip. This time, I’ll be popping into Los Angeles, Austin, Texas (Hey Noah!), Sacramento, Santa Rosa and the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ll be posting details for each city on Instagram, so follow me over there and let’s…

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Get Inspired: September 15-19, 2014

Howdy, folks! So much happening around here, but it’s always important to keep the creative inspiration going. I’ve got some great finds to share with you.

Wait until you see Michael Robbin’s furniture. His video is one of my favorite interviews that I’ve featured on the LAB. Great art and creativity really gets me going, so I’m hoping you’ll see the brilliance of both Bertrand Lanthiez…

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Get Inspired: Free ‘Sea of Tranquility’ Desktop Wallpaper


Howdy! I’ve had to shuffle my schedule around these days, with all the projects that I have in the works. Besides the new e-commerce project that I’m feverishly working on, I’m launching two new sites, just for the handmade community. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about all of you makers who are gearing up for the big fall and winter shopping season. Sounds crazy? Oh, it most certainly is!

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Artist Wanted: E-Commerce Research Project

It’s a little slow in the LAB this week, mostly due to a wicked cold and a few projects that I have to catch up on. I promise that the amazing handmade goodness will start right back up next Monday. I’ve got a few new features to share, including a grand introduction to 3 new LAB Partners. (FYI: It’s not too late to join us for the next few months. If you join before September 5th, 2014, I’ll…

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