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Get Inspired: Tools Don’t Work Unless I Do – Free Wallpaper + Giveaway


Need a little motivation to keep on making? Here’s a brand new wallpaper to remind you to keep on doing what you do. Let’s face it, you can have the best tools, but they’re not going to do a thing unless you use them. This free desktop wallpaper is just a little reminder that your hands and mind are the best tools in your arsenal. Download this free wallpaper for your desktop, tablets and phones.

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Handmade Profiles: Rossella Manzini of RossLab

RossLab Handmade Ceramics // Handmade Profiles // IAMTHELAB

Born in Italy and now living in San Jose, California, Rossella Manzini has crafted a sweet collection of handmade ceramics for her RossLab shop. Her collection straddles the line between rustic and modern, with abundant touches of cuteness throughout. Inspired by “art galleries, old films, flea markets, books, and nature”, this tireless maker really loves what she does and it shows.


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Get Inspired: Handmade Pottery Tortus Copenhagen

When I discovered Tortus Copenhagen on Vimeo, my obsession for ceramics jumped to the next level. I’m not sure what that level is called, probably the ‘He Should Be Medicated’ level or something. Eric Landon is the spinmaster you’ll be seeing in the videos below. Working along with Karin Blach Nielsen and Eric’s twin brother Justin, a graphic and digital creative director, they’ve created a…

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Get Inspired: Modern Handmade Goods for the Home from Strand Design

Here’s a collection of modern housewares from two very dedicated makers. Ted and Sharon Burdett run Strand Designand, besides offering design services for a wide array of clients, they also create some really great handmade goods with a keen eye on modern design and sustainability. Watch the video below to get a comprehensive glimpse into their creative philosophy and then we’ll dive into their…

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#IAMTHELABchat: Let’s Talk About Blogging

How do you make a living as a blogger? That has to be one of the most popular questions that I hear when it comes to blogging as a profession. There are a lot of opinions about this subject and a lot of the chatter centers around monetizing your blog. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent reading and re-reading some of the idea floating around the interwebs on this subject. As a full-time…

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Boomin’ Handmade Bags from Black House Project

Black House Project // Handmade Bags Made in San Francisco // IAMTHELAB

I would have this post up earlier if I didn’t spend have the day playing with the bag customizer on Nigel Reyes’ Black House Project website. So much fun! I’ve been obsessing over Nigel’s work on Instagram for a few weeks and I’m glad to give him so real estate on the LAB. How can you not love this collection? Every handmade bag is so easy on the eyes. I really want one of each, especially those

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Get Inspired: Handmade Concrete Jewelry from Thorning Astrup

You might not think of ‘concrete’ and ‘jewelry’ in the same sentence, but a lot of designers are using this sturdy substance to create some pretty cool handmade jewelry. Niels Astrup and Maja Thorning have combined their collective talents to create their Thorning Astrupline of jewelry. Let’s take a look at their creations. First up, a behind-the-scenes look at a recent photo shoot for their…

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Get Inspired: The Beautiful Handmade World of Wanderlust Life

Sometimes you just need something simple and beautiful. Thankfully, there are artists like Georgie Roberts ready to help.

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Get Inspired: Stunning Handmade Jewelry by La-Jewellry

La Jewellry by Sasivimol Chaidaroon // Handmade Jewelry // IAMTHELAB

Whenever I discover an artists that is making beautiful, handmade jewelry that is getting little attention, I feel like its my duty to do what I can to change that. That’s the case with Sasivimol Chaidaroon’s stunningly beautiful glass jewelry. Simply called La Jewellry, Sasivimol’s modest collection is absolutely ethereal. Let’s take a look at the pieces together, after you watch the video…

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