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Handmade Profiles: Stunning Neckwear from Shira Paz

Warm and lush, Shira Paz’s collectionof necklaces and scarves are must-haves for your handmade wardrobe. The necklaces are made from satin and feature a bold gold coated magnetic clasp. Shira says you can wear the clasp in front for a more formal look, in back for a more casual look. I tend to agree. What about those incredible scarves? Made from made of 100% hand spun & dyed merino wool and…

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Handmade Profiles: The Modern Marvels of Britta Böckmann

Every once in a while I’m introduced to a collection that makes me want to purchase every single piece. That’s how I felt when I saw Britta Böckmann’s work, on display in her BoldB shop, for the first time. You look at her work and you just keep asking yourself, “How in the world did she do that?” and “How can I afford to purchase the entire collection? Can I live without my spleen? How much can…

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Handmade Profiles: Rachel Robertson’s Organic Handmade Jewelry

A few weeks ago, I came across Rachel Robertson’s notice that she would be showcasing her work at Rare Device in San Francisco. It was her display (seen here on the Rare Device blog) that made me really want to showcase her on the LAB. I wish I could have attended, because I’d love to see Rachel’s work up close.

Rachel’s work showcases her incredible ability to mix materials together to create…

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Get Inspired: August 18-22, 2014

Howdy & Aloha! I hope your summer is going well. For a lot of you, August is the month where you squeeze in your last vacations before the busy fall and winter shopping seasons begin. I’ve seen a ton of makers of late, many whom I hope to feature on the LAB in the coming days and weeks, posting vacation notices on their shops, social media and blogs. That just tells me that there are some great…

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Get Inspired: August 11-15, 2014


Howdy! Welcome to my new Get Inspired posts. Every Monday, I like to share an assortment of resources that get my creative fires burning. I’ve been sharing each item as individual posts, but I thought it might be nice to have all the items on one post, so here you go.

Each Get Inspired post will feature a sweet WordPress.org theme for those of you who are looking to jump into the blogging game.…

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Handmade Profiles: Alexia Klompje of Klomp Ceramics

Handmade Profiles: Alexia Klompje // Handmade Ceramics // IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory

IAMTHELAB is dedicated to showcasing the global handmade community, so I’m really excited to bring to LAB readers the work of South African artist Alexia Klompje and her Klomp Ceramics collection.

Alexia has produced three different collections of her beautiful ceramic pieces, with her current collection showcasing her organic unique ability to take everyday objects and infuse them with her…

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All The Color You Need: The Amazing World of Jujujust

Handmade Jewelry & Tapestries by Jujujust // IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory

Gorgeous, right? Judit Just has a way with color and it’s on full display in her Jujujust shop. I love both Judit’s handmade creations and her inspiring backstory. She’s a woman who loves to work with her hands and that’s a good thing for us. In her current collection, Judit has some of the most stunning tapestries I’ve ever seen.

Blending fabrics and other elements, these are incredible works…

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Stunning Handmade Jewelry from Porcelain and Stone

Handmade Jewelry // Porcelain and Stone // IAMTHELAB - Your Handmade Laboratory
If you’re looking for some great inspiration to help you make the leap into making full-time, look no further than Kimberly Huestis. I loved reading her bio information on Etsy and her website. How inspiring it is that a one week vacation turned into a new creative career! Spending time in Kimberly’s Porcelain and Stoneshop is a joy for the eyes and for the soul. Her nautical-inspired designs,…

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Get Inspired: Handmade Goods from TRVR

TRVR // Handmade Leather Goods // IAMTHELAB- Your Handmade Laboratory

I think this video really says everything you need to know about Korean brand TRVR. This collection of incredibly well-made goods is setting a new standard for what slowly-made handmade goods should be.


TRVR // Handmade Leather Goods // IAMTHELAB- Your Handmade Laboratory

Just doing a little sleuthing on the web, I discovered that TRVR’s Gentlemen’s Apron

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