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Get Inspired: Handmade Leather Perfection from Teranishi

I was preparing to write my own version of what makes Teppei Teranishi’s handmade leather goods so special, then I watched this video interview by ApK and realized that it’s way better than anything I would say.  (more…)

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Haute Handmade: Gorgeous Leather Bags from Väska

I’ve been waiting for Ann-Sofi Storbacka to update her Väska collection and I’m glad to showcase her amazing handmade bags on the LAB again. I can’t think of another collection that deserves the moniker ‘Haute Handmade’ more than this one.  (more…)

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Get Inspired: Nelma Font by Missy Austin via Lost type

I fell in love with Missy Austin’s Nelma font. It’s an EPS font, which means that it’s essentially a collection of images that you’ll want to use Illustrator to open and use. (more…)

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Get Inspired: Will Lisak’s ETWAS bags via Madesmith

Have you discovered Madesmith? This Brooklyn-based company has as its aim to bring you “the stories of makers and designers who produce handmade objects sustainably.” I love the artists that they feature and I’ll be bring you a few highlights from their shop over the coming month. (more…)

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#LABchat: How to overcome your fears and get things done


Have you ever found yourself hitting a creative wall? I find that feeling of ‘wanting to do and yet feeling like you cannot do’ to be one of the most frustrating. It seems that most creative folks have those moments and it can be really challenging to get through it.

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve discovered that one of the reasons that the ‘wall’ manifests itself has to do with fear. Not…

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Handmade Profiles: Jennifer Bedenbaugh of Crave Studio

I love finding shops like Jennifer Bedenbaugh’s Crave Studio. Jennifer has produced one of the most cohesive collections of handmade ceramic art that I’ve seen so far. It’s a perfectly curated collection and I’m pretty sure that you’re going to love what you see in it. (more…)

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This is one of the best posts we’ve done on the new magazine industry. If you’re designing a magazine of your own, this is the perfect post for you. Plus: video!

The Handmade & Handwritten World of Daniel Patrick Simmons (Giveaway!)

Last week, I stumbled upon Daniel Patrick Simmons’ Picasso quote print and spent a nice chunk of time exploring his site, shop and blog. I love the way this Sacramento, CA-based designer expresses himself and so I reached out to Daniel for a little interview. (more…)

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